Blame It On The Hand

Have you ever tried typing with one hand? Now for those of you who can successfully type with two hands, sit down with your keyboard this afternoon, one hand behind your back, and go at it. Not easy is it? Welcome to my world. On New Year’s Day, the first bright, glorious, fresh day of the year I slipped and fell on the deck at my parents’ house and injured my hand. Now when I say slipped and fell, I’m talking about a fall that removed gravity for a few graceful moments sending my feet in the air and my back to the ground. It was my shining hour.

Unfortunately, said fall brought out my natural instinct to prevent the inevitable short plummet with my hand because at that moment I felt my wrist would support the weight of my entire body all in the vain attempt to keep my new jammers from getting wet. To make a long story short, my wrist needs some extra gym time and my new jammers had to be washed, twice. Another bright idea down the drain.

So, my hand is the reason you haven’t read any fantastic ideas, purposeful thoughts or clever insights the past couple of weeks. My right hand is slowly mending and typing is not my left hand’s strong suit.

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