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Today is not a very good day. The blog post I really want to write is:

muffin mix

King Arthur Flour gluten free is badass. Buy it. Goodbye.

I know, I know, I’ll do it properly, but only if everyone promises to make happy comments afterwards, alright? Alright, here we go.

King Arthur has been a staple in our kitchen for a good six years. Their flour is unbleached which made me happy because really, who wants bleached flour? KAF provided me with a steady supply of bread flour and white whole wheat flour for all my baking which I did a whole lot of. All was right with the world. Slowly, over the past couple of months, however we began to discover that gluten may not be our friend and I have not been baking as much. Gluten free baking is complicated. There are rice flours and gums and xanam pastes (I think I made that last one up) that combine to magically make a really disgusting baked good with an aftertaste that is not pleasant at all. Gluten free baking is not cool.

Last week I received my usual email from KAF and as I was looking at their amazing photography and day dreaming about glutens I was snapped back into reality by a gluten free baking mix. Holy Cow! I read the ingredients and realized the mix was also dairy free. Did I mention I love KAF? At the supermarket I picked up a muffin mix, bread mix and brownie mix because I was on a gluten free rush. Now, I have to say that baking from a mix is not the same as baking from scratch which is something I am really good at, so it felt a little weird at first, but when the muffins were in the oven in less than 10 minutes I was more than happy to have my blue KAF GF box as a guide.


Our muffins were made with rice milk, eggs and applesauce instead of oil and cow’s milk and then I added one cup of large blueberries. These were serious muffins. They are not dry and they don’t have the weird gluten/dairy free aftertaste that haunts most allergy free baking. I thought maybe we were really enjoying these because we have been eating vegetables, brown rice and chicken for so long, so I had my Mom try one (my Mom is not currently eating *free* of anything)¬†and even she agreed that they were pretty darn good.

King Arthur also has a convenient GF flour mix, but our supermarket is always out. I don’t think we will going back to regular flour anytime soon so, I might place an order from KA and pay the more expensive price just to try it and see what I can do with some of my favorite non-gluten free recipes that I miss. King Arthur re-energized my kitchen because I miss baking. My professional stove was getting sort of lonely without a loaf of bread coming out once in a while. So, yes KAF GF is badass. Go and buy it. Goodbye.

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