House For Sale

The “For Sale” sign was erected in mid-February and despite the efforts of an accomplished team of realtors, the sign still stands. We have thrown in so many perks for potential buyers another placard hanging off the sign would create a wind hazard. Before the first price reduction we had already calculated our reality of selling at a loss, so we forged ahead with a lower price and kept our fingers crossed for a sale. I was certain a nice young couple would ring the doorbell, gaze starry eyed into the foyer and seeing the promise of a warm fireplace on a cold evening would politely ask if we’d accept cash. The couple never showed and quite frankly, I’m a little ticked.

Month number nine is approaching and our “For Sale” sign has become a reassuring fixture in the front yard. The perk placards wiggle around in the wind in a silent competition with the seven other houses for sale on Fairfield Avenue. For now I am holding on to my nice young fantasy couple to keep my spirits up, but I’d be thrilled with any buyer, starry eyed or not.

Click here to contemplate buying my house.

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