The Bathtub

As an adult, bathing is a daily activity calendered in without question. We get in, we soap up, we rinse off, we get out. Most of us have our own private bathing process that might include a song and dance or an obsessive scrub to our belly button, but without question adults do it. Grownups mostly take showers too. As a grownup myself I prefer a shower because it’s faster, no waiting for water to draw and no down time to soak, but I’m wondering if we’re all not missing a golden bathing opportunity by passing up a bath.

Now, the bath itself can be very serious with plain hot water and a loofah full of hydrating/exfoliating/moisturizing body-wash, but if you add imagination and some essential tools from the kitchen the process turns into an adventure.

First, the whisk. A metal whisk is not your best option as it will leave telltale whisking marks on your tub floor, so opt for a heavy plastic whisk with a large handle. Grip the whisk in both hands and place the whisking portion under the water. Churn very quickly using the power of your entire upper body creating your first set of true bubbles. The whisk will also create waves that slop up on the sides of the tub and quite possibly the floor, but resist the urge to stop. It’s only water. Next, the funnel. A basic plastic funnel with a large cone and long skinny spout works best. Simply take the funnel, cone side down and push it quickly into the water spurting bubbles and water high into the air. As pointless as the funnel may seem, it’s a mesmerizing bathtub bonus that you’re sure to repeat. Finally, the hodgepodge. Plastic measuring cups, strainers, large spoons, and a rubber scrapper. The hodgepodge serves no specific purpose except to aid in any attempt to slosh water higher or move bubbles faster. The hodgepodge is also helpful when making a bathtub cake or pie.

Baths might not be the answer to every morning’s bathing ritual, but tomorrow morning when you pull yourself out of bed and trudge to the bathroom to begrudgingly start your day, make a detour to the kitchen, grab your bath essentials and have a little adventure before leaving the house as a grownup.

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