In The Middle

I like the middle. I’m a middle child sandwiched between two brothers, happily existing with one younger sibling and one older. I thoroughly enjoy being in the middle of a three person line. I always know what the person ahead of me is buying and if that proves dull I can turn around to chat with the person behind me. The middle chair at a crowded dinner table affords me the opportunities of multiple conversations and sitting in the middle of a crowded theater ensures the very best experience. The middle has charm and opportunities that the edges will never have. Ahhh, the middle.

Although I understand the ramifications of assuming, I never believed I would happen upon something anti-middle until today. Bakers Edge created a brownie pan with no middle. Don’t believe me? Click here to view the “interior edges” of this awful contraption. Bakers Edge eliminated the middle without a thought to those of us who like it. Their brownies only have edges. They erased my siblings with a flick of their “heavy gauge cast aluminum”, they “patented” a entire theater full of bad seats, and they discarded good dinner conversation with “more edges”. Bakers Edge wants to push away the middle.

I’ll never give in to the pro-edge movement and if you’d like to help spread the word about the middle you know where to find me.

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