Thank you for being my husband. Thank you for the world’s shortest runway, simple explanations of inappropriate jokes, and giving me full authority of the television controller. Without you, switching letters around in names and group hugs wouldn’t be the same. I’m not sure how I endured years of full-screen movies, pun-less sentences and sub-par electronic devices. I have unending appreciation for your limitless patience for my limitless questions, your amazing grasp of direction for my inability to remain on course, and your foresight for my deficient equilibrium. Thank you for all the simple junk, the complicated stuff, and the impossible things. You turn the mundane exciting and the difficult less intimidating. You are the best you on good days to accept even the worst me on bad. Thank you for sharing with me everything that is you.

Michael I am honored to be your wife. All my love forever,

Mrs. Nicole VanPutten


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