This to That

Last week I accidentally dismantled the cover of our digital thermostat. The weather had reverted from spring to winter overnight and I was very cold. Very, very cold. In my haste to increase the frigid temperature inside I tipped the cover up very quickly and the hinge came out of place. In my defense, the “hinge” is an adult puzzle of wit and strength. To fit the cover I had to be clever enough to wedge each side in at an exact angle while perfectly strong enough to simultaneously squeeze the cover into place. Needless to say, I broke it. The tan plastic bar holding the hinge came clean off in my hand. After a momentary pause for expletives I moved to toward the kitchen and started mental preparation for the glue. Ugh.

Liquid adhesives and I have never quite understood each other. They are messy and unpredictable, and their directions are never accurate. Superglue for instance supposedly bonds anything “instantly”. I’ve found the only thing superglue bonds instantly is my fingers to each other. I’m not a big fan of Monkey Glue either, it’s brown and syrupy and the directions insist that the application of one small drop fixes anything. The good people at Monkey Glue have obviously never tried using their product because the applicator tip will give gigantic drops or large strings of glue, but never small drops. Cleaning up excess Monkey Glue is also just as irritating as un-Super Gluing fingers. I needed help.

While hunting down assistance I found This to That, a “How To” website like no other, it’s my adhesive superhero. It’s simple drop down menu asks two questions, what are you gluing and what are you gluing it to. Hit the “Let’s Glue” button and shazaam, sound gluing advice that’s actually effective. The next time something breaks, don’t panic, visit This to That by clicking here. You’ll be rewarded with simple instructions, plenty of cautious tips and a perfectly reconstructed thermostat hinge.

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