T-shirts are the glue that hold my wardrobe together. I have homemade, altered, embroidered, silk-screened, sewn, glued and painted t-shirts. I have a lot of t-shirts. There are some companies I like over others, is high on my list while others, that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, are always on the bottom. I like for the artwork and anything with the Detroit Tigers emblem jumps to the front of the line. I’m a t-shirt snob of sorts and I’ve recently been introduced to a company who put me over the edge.

It all started with National Public Radio. Michael heard an interview with a company called Threadless, a t-shirt company, who makes their t’s from the artwork of the community who supports them. Genius! My first t’s, “Cookie Loves Milk” and “Nuts!”, were gifts from Michael and they’ve started me on a downward spiral of t-shirt insanity. has built an empire and I am single handedly supporting it.

My t-shirt snobbery may prevent me from wearing an Old Navy Perfect Fit T or a Hanes pocket T, but it’s fine with me because without them, I like to think I spread a little fun with me everywhere I go. Thanks Threadless.

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To purchase your very own Threadlessss t-shirt, long sleeve shirt or hoodie, visit them here.

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