I really like words. When I introduced my readers to Visuwords I exposed a clever examination of words that didn’t include my fourth grade grammar teacher (sorry Mrs. Ferguson). It was words, new and improved! My love for words carries over into my everyday life too. I enjoy new words, correctly used words (thanks Mrs. Ferguson!), and best of all, word games. I love word games.

The Internet has provided me with a multitude of word games to choose from, but I’ve found I keep going back to the most sturdy and reliable word game of all, Scrabble. My love for Scrabble started many years ago when my Grandma, who did crossword puzzles in pen, taught me how to play. Today I play a more developed game of Scrabble and you can too with this great video from Ze Frank. Click here to check it out. (Please be forewarned that Mr. Frank does use some language which might not be appropriate for all viewers.)

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