Swiffer and I are friends. Good friends. With two big black furry dogs, plus a myriad of allergies between Michael and I, our house has to be clean all of the time, so we buy Swiffers in bulk. Yesterday, I swiffered (is that a word?) five times and pulled out the vacuum twice. I use Pledge wipes to dust once a week and mop with a bucket and mop twice a week. I am obsessed with cleanliness.

Usually when I come across time saving cleaning gadgets on the Internet I pass them off because I actually don’t mind cleaning. With all our hardwoods and tile floors I should have purchased stock in Swiffer a very long time ago, but I enjoy cleaning my house. It reduces my stress level and helps me to live in the moment. Cleaning is very zen. Today, however, I read about Mint and almost had a cleaning anxiety attack.

Mint is a Roomba that does the Swiffering for you and I NEED one. Roomba was a poor excuse for a vacuum cleaner, but Mint is a high tech gizmo that actually produces results! Attach either a dry or wet Swiffer to the bottom and change the setting and that’s it. A GPS guided robot that Swiffers? Mint and I could be friends. Best friends.

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