Pancake Wars

As FODMAPers our diet is restrictive and can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. We are in the challenge phase of the FODMAP diet where we are discovering which foods we will and will not be adding back into our diet permanently by trying them temporarily to determine which groups we are intolerant to. Last week dairy was checked off our list and along with it a complete list of favorite foods went away. This week we are eating gluten as a challenge and it is not going well, which forecasts doom for all things wheat in our future. One foodstuff this includes is pancakes and I have to say, I’m more than a little sad about pancakes.

My Grandma’s buttermilk pancake recipe is simply the best pancake I’ve ever had. I’ve added oatmeal to the buttermilk, peanut butter and jelly to the batter, and blueberries to the cakes and they just keep getting better. They are fluffy and not too sweet. They don’t require any syrup and they can be made super thin or gigantically thick and they still taste amazing. The problem is that they are full of dairy and gluten.


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So, what is the solution to my pancake dilemma? Two eggs and one banana. Problem solved. Weird, right? It’s a dream come true for a dairy, soy, and gluten free pancake loving girl. The recipe is incredibly simple and it’s all over the internet.

Two large eggs and one banana (the banana needs to equal about 1/3 cup) and a dash of cinnamon or vanilla (optional). Mix the ingredients really, really well. Pour in pancake size onto the griddle and cook on medium heat until bubbly. DO NOT TURN until bubbly. This takes a little bit. Keep yourself occupied. Don’t turn up the heat either as you will have a crumbly mess. Turn the cakes once and let them brown on the opposite side. Enjoy!


So, are these two ingredient pancakes as good as my Grandma’s buttermilk pancakes? Not a chance. But like every modified food we’ve started eating we are learning that in time we will find new, possibly healthier favorites. Being FODMAPers is tough, but sometimes feeling better isn’t worth a stack of buttermilk pancakes.

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