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Blue Side

Blue is my girl. She is my constant companion and is honestly one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned.  She is incredibly lazy, but she loves a good walk. She is gentle and easy going. I keep telling Mr. MVP we need to clone her.

A few years ago, our dog Madeline started to get sick and our vet told us she had cancer in her throat and swallowing was going to be difficult. I did some research on different dog foods and discovered the supermarket brands like Purina are absolutely full of dyes and preservatives. I was stunned to learn that the all natural food I thought I was feeding our dogs was really making them sick. I was furious.

B and M

Madeline and Blue

I stopped feeding Madeline and Blue supermarket brands immediately and I researched the hell out of dog foods, determined to make a difference. I needed a food that was easy to feed, and was preservative and chemical free. I wanted something that I would eat. Yup, that’s right. I wanted a food that was human grade because I was tired of reading about dog food companies using sub-par ingredients.


Blue and Gecko

It took me about a week to find The Honest Kitchen, but after I did our dogs’ lives changed forever. Madeline was able to eat again without choking and within a four month period she was off all her thyroid medication altogether, but most importantly her personality was not as lethargic. Blue was feeling better too. She started losing weight and she had more interest in going on walks. Blue stopped shedding almost completely and her coat improved dramatically.



Madeline died last summer after living comfortably with cancer for at least three years. Madeline was my motivation for finding THK and I’m certain switching their food prolonged her life, but now Blue is experiencing the rewards of eating THK. The Honest Kitchen provides a complete and balanced diet of human grade food that is easy to prepare. We feed Blue THK  which has turkey, potatoes, carrots, oats, alfalfa, apples, honey, garlic and a whole bunch of other organic good foods. We add salmon oil for Blue’s skin and a joint treat to help with the onset of arthritis. It takes about 7 minutes twice a day to feed Blue.

Blue With Moo Cow

Blue With Moo Cow

The Honest Kitchen is simple to feed and because I pay attention to the Internet and always find it on sale, it’s often less expensive than Purina was without the animal byproducts. Blue is spoiled rotten, but The Honest Kitchen is well worth the couple extra minutes every day when she eats and I have confidence that there will be absolutely no mystery ingredients. How does your dog food rate?

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