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Mr. MVP tells me that I am very weird, but I am HIS very weird. I am also very picky, so when it comes to products and tools I only use what works, really, super-duper well. Don’t get me wrong, I take extremely good care of my stuff. I’ve had a pair of Dansko’s for eight years and they look brand new. I wear them nearly every day. There are just some things that are built to last and I’m going to tell you about a few of my absolute favorites. Jeah!

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox has been a part of my life for a very long time. As an epileptic I need something that will protect my technology from ceramic tile, hardwood, stairs and concrete just in case I have a seizure and drop my phone. Otterbox proved itself worthy of the job. My first Otterbox fit my Droid phone and the phone technology became outdated before the Otterbox died. I’m not sure which was more awkward, the Droid or the Otterbox covering the phone, but what I do know, is that the Otterbox extended the life of my Droid exponentially. My second Otterbox fit my iPhone and it was a little bulky and prevented me from using the speaker phone, but my iPhone looked brand new, while my Defender case looked like it had been through a war. My current Otterbox is an updated Defender Series and it’s lighter and easier to use. My 3 year old iPhone still looks brand new and I still have the security of knowing Otterbox is on my side. Tope.

Sun Bicycle Adult Trike

Sun Bicycle Adult Trike

My Sun Trike is perhaps one of the best things I own. I haven’t driven a car in about 6 years so my trike allows me a little freedom that I wouldn’t otherwise have. My specific trike has three optional gears which makes going up small hills a cinch and the basket in the back makes it easy for me to carry my gear bag with me. I also have a kick-ass bell and red lights on the front for when I’m riding alone. The wheel base is super wide so I never have to worry about tipping over, even when Blue and I are going on a walk together. The Sun Trike is not meant for speed and that is just fine with me, but Mr. MVP does have to slow down considerably when we ride together in the park. My trike gives me the opportunity to go further on a good day which feels amazing. Swaggy.

8284434091_3cd4f0740e_oShoes and clothing and their fit are incredibly important in our house. I will not buy something unless I know that they are extremely comfortable and durable. We take extra good care of our belongings, but we also will pay extra for a more expensive brand when we know it will last just a bit longer. Keen shoes have been keeping our feet comfortable for the past three years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our Keens are washable, which I love, but they can also go in the rain, the mud, the sand, or anyplace we go. They dry fast in the sun and they are easy to wear with most anything in the summer. To wash our Keens I spray them generously with Biokleen BacOut and let the enzymes do their job for 60 minutes. Then I use Nikwax Base Wash to reestablish the waterproofing and keep our Keens smelling fantastic. Realness.



LL Bean makes the best luggage and bags ever. We have two sets of their quick load duffels and I decided to use the carry-on bag as an everyday bag. I have very specific needs in a bag and this smart bag fits all my needs plus goes out of its way to fill the gap with pockets and compartments that I did not even know I needed. LL Bean put a “snack compartment” on their carry-on bag which I use as a cooler compartment in the summer for medications and medical supplies that might overheat. The bag has side pockets that are the ideal size for house keys, an iPhone and sunglasses. I also keep important daily medications in the top zipper compartment, which is easily accessible, but out of the way of the main bag where I put my wallet and knitting. Styll.

Coins in a Glass Jar

Don’t be a derp. I may be a little strange, but a lot of research went into finding these products and companies. My extra choosy nature helped me filter out the failures. We’re not all rolling in scrilla and can afford to buy everything we see. All of these products are things I endorse, hundo p.

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