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My iPhone is not the newest, shiniest version, but it gets the job done. My iPhone is fast, reliable and efficient. I can store our calendar, photos, contacts, applications and browse the web. I very rarely purchase an application, but when I do I use the bejesus out of it. Some of my most useful app discoveries have been free. My iPhone is my tool box. Grab your iPhone, connect to the app store and I’ll share with you some of my favorite and most useful applications.

paper karma

I do not like junk mail and at one point our mailbox was full of it. The post office did not seem to understand that we did not need nine copies of the same flier in the same day. Paper Karma is an app that quickly and simply takes care of junk mail. Paper Karma allows me to take fast pictures that uploads names and addresses of offending companies and then like magic, junk mail stops. Paper Karma is free.

splashshopiconBeing obsessed with list making isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when there is an amazing app to help keep track of all the lists. Splash Shopper makes list making easy. I mostly use Splash Shopper for the supermarket, but I also have some minor lists for movies, books, music, television shows and miscellaneous projects. My supermarket lists are divided first by store and then into food categories and then divided by aisle. Each specific product has a price and room for a quantity or a notation. As we are shopping I simply touch the screen next to the product and it disappears after we put it in our buggy. Splash Shopper is $9.95 and is worth every penny.

red cross

Severe weather and I do not get along. We do not have live television and my hearing loss makes it hard sometimes to hear the tornado siren when I’m wearing earplugs or headphones. The American Red Cross has a great application for severe weather that allows users to customize alerts by location. My alerts are set for tornado warnings and watches and severe thunderstorm warnings and watches. Each time our area has a threat of severe weather, my iPhone dutifully buzzes, flashes and chimes. The American Red Cross tornado app is free.


Our regional supermarket, Meijer, has an application that I just couldn’t live without. If Meijer isn’t your supermarket of choice, there is a good chance there is an application or rewards program associated with your favorite grocery store. Do a simple Google search or just ask the next time you’re checking out. With the Meijer app I can download electronic coupons, find items inside my store, find Meijer stores when we are traveling or figure out what exactly is on sale. The Meijer app works in conjunction with their website and their Mperks program and it is entirely free.

I would be lost without my iPhone. I would have to switch to a bigger bag if I didn’t have my camera apps, calendar apps, notebooks, telephone, radio apps, newspapers, maps, videos, knitting counter apps, puzzles, and the entire Internet at my fingertips.

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