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The most popular article on my blog right now is my post about Bow Wow Beds. It is so popular in fact when you Google Bow Wow Beds my post comes up number one in the search results above the company Bow Wow Beds themselves. You can’t see me right now, but I am doing my crazy, take over the world maniacal laugh with my fingers together in front of my face. Bow Wow Beds pissed me off.


I visited the Bow Wow Beds’ Etsy page today and noticed that people are still buying beds from Ms. Amberlii and Mr. Kent and then they are acting really incredibly super surprised when they don’t receive their package in the mail for over two months. Then people are upset at both the quality of the product they receive and the retaliatory reviews they receive from Bow Wow Beds on Etsy. Even the buyers who left positive feedback, left negative feedback, saying things like, “If you don’t mind waiting, these are sure to be some of the nicest crate covers around but if you are in a hurry for any reason, look elsewhere.” Come on people!

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Just because a company is featured on a television show does not mean their products are fantastic and their business ethics are magical. Bow Wow Beds’ manufacturing policy right now is between 35 and 40 days and their shipping time is between two and seven weeks. Pretty much what they are saying is that you should place an order, give them money and forget about getting your dog bed for at least two to three months. When I ordered from them, their wait time was seven days and I waited 38 days. There is no way in hell I would wait two to three months. Would you place an order from Amazon and wait 30 days for it to arrive on your doorstep? I didn’t think so.

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In my first post I suggested a number of different bed alternatives and frankly, a fluffy washable rug would be better than a Bow Wow Bed, but if your dog absolutely needs a dog bed, your Mom doesn’t sew, and you just cannot figure out where to click, I am here to point you in the right direction.

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The most important things in a dog bed in my opinion are an interior pocket that is waterproof, a chew and lick proof exterior, a supportive stuffing and an easily removable and washable exterior. I prefer all of this wrapped up in a package that is made in the good ole’ US of A with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I don’t ask for very much. So, what companies give me what I want in the dog bed arena? My updated list for extra large beds is as follows:

Blue and Franks

  1. Dawg Tired Premium Dog Beds fit all of my qualifications. Their Workin’ Dawg bed with the addition of a waterproof liner makes a complete bed, including the stuffing for just about $200. Dawg-Tired ships the very next day and guarantees their products 100%.
  2. Drs. Foster and Smith have a dog bed that even I would sleep on. Their Deluxe Orthopedic Pad is made for comfort and their cover is washable. With the addition of a waterproof liner the entire bed comes together for under $140. Drs. Foster and Smith ships for free the next day and will stand behind any of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  3. Molly Mutt is kind of a genius company that I wish I would have found sooner. Their beds start with a stuff sack that can be filled with any filling you pick. If I had the choice I’d fill Blue’s with old orthopedic pillows. Blue is just a little spoiled. The stuff sack is then shoved inside a water resistant liner and then everything is thrown into a duvet. The cost for the whole operation, minus the fancy used orthopedic pillows is $85. The stuff sack is washable, the liner is obviously water resistant and all orders over $75 ship for free. Molly Mutt has Mr. Roboto patterns, so our next dog bed will be a coming from them.

Blue and Blue

Bow Wow Beds doesn’t have to hold all of us hostage because there are easier ways. I realize it’s a dog bed, but at the same time it’s a bed for my dog, Blue, who really, in all reality is my girl, my pickle face, my moonshine. I’ll do anything for her, but waiting 2 months for a bed from Bow Wow Beds, isn’t one of them.

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