Pick On Someone Your Own Size

The only pitter patter of little feet in our house right now is Blue. Of course we would love to have a two legged child eventually, but for now, Blue is our best girl. When the time does come for us to have a child we will have to jump through more hoops than Barnum and Bailey because all of my neurological diseases are hereditary and that simply would not be fair to our offspring. In short, we will be adopting. It’s a magical thing, adoption and Mr. MVP and I will make amazing parents because we are smart, well rounded humans, but most importantly we are devoted to each other and that makes us special. Our kids are going to kick ass.

Toddler With Arms Outstretched

I’m not on Facebook, but as you know, I am on Twitter and Instagram and I do see posts that people make because I like to browse through miscellaneous blogs by searching Google. I’m pretty certain my searches have thrown off a number of keyword analytics for bloggers world wide, but that is besides the point. I’ve been noticing an annoying trend the past year or so from women on social media and blog sites who have taken up complaining about their kids. I’m not talking about a random comment about Sally not sleeping through the night, but whole blogs from Moms with three kids and how annoyingly irritating they are. This trend makes my non-kid heart really angry.


I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking that I have no idea what it’s like to be around kids a lot and so I don’t understand how unbelievably grumpy a 2 year old can be after a long day out, but I actually have quite a bit of hands on experience. Trust me, I know what a meltdown looks like in a toddler, but it does not warrant a blog post or an Instagram calling the child a jerk. I’ve stood in front of a man who referred to his kid as a bastard because he was having a bad day. Seriously?

Girl Swinging on Tire

Children are entitled to bad days and the Moms who take to the Internet to blog and Tweet about them do not sound real or sincere, but instead sound mean and crass. I would give anything and everything to have a grumpy 4 year old living in my house, interrupting my every thought with curious questions, making four year old messes and doing things that every single four year old on Earth does. Isn’t that what being a parent is all about? If you’re going to constantly bitch about it on your Twitter feed then why do you keep having kids?

Farmers Asleep in the Hay

There are Mom bloggers who make a living writing about why they would not have kids in their next life, there are professional writers who advise the childless to stop and think before considering having a monster of their own and an entire book of essays by Moms who call their kids tyrants. These women are semi-joking about their children not allowing them to use the restroom alone for years on end, take a shower, or do laundry and they end each post by calling their child a name or saying they need a vacation from their entire family. These Moms need more than a vacation, they need time management skills, anger management help and their children need better boundaries.

best of friends

I haven’t looked it up recently, but when Mr. MVP and I am ready, it will cost us upwards of approximately $10,000 or more to adopt a baby. We will probably have to wait over 12 months and we will most likely be passed on by quite a few expectant mothers because of my medical problems. We will have to fight hard for our future child, but it will be worth every single second. Someday in the future when our future child is living under our roof I can tell you with certainty that no matter how terrible a day everyone is having at the VP house we will be loving every single second of it.

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