Making Life Better On a Rotten Day

Today we are expecting a weather system called a derecho and NOAA just issued a high risk for severe weather in our area, which is something they only do once or twice per year. The humidity is high and the pressure on the barometer is falling, which means my head is absolutely throbbing. It’s been a fantastic day.


Today I was actually supposed to go with Mr. MVP to the University of Michigan, but last night we knew there was a possibility I was not going to make it, so I set my alarm and hoped for the best. This morning when I woke up at 7:00 a.m. I knew that Mr. MVP had turned my alarm off and let me sleep, so I got up, took care of Pickle Face, grabbed an ice pack for my head and went back to bed. It’s now 4:00 p.m. and I’m just getting to my morning blog post that was going to be a scientific post about hydrogen breath tests. I promise I will get to them another time, I simply cannot research right now.

I’ve been saving up these tips and tricks from various blog posts around the Internet that I found useful, so I thought I’d share the very best of those with you today. They really don’t have any theme, so I’ll just call them Making Life Better On a Rotten Day.


Martha Stewart keeps her linen closet clean by putting her sheets inside the matching pillow cases. I started using this trick and it’s amazing.


The Northwest Edible Life has a wonderful post on how to buy an avocado. We eat a lot of avocado in our house and this post has saved me quite a few times from an avocado buying blunder.


Real Simple gives a tip about using a bowl as an amplifier for an iPhone or iPod speaker. I found this was very helpful if the bowl was round, wide and glass.


The Family Handyman has great ideas for kitchen storage, like using the usually ignored insides of cupboard doors for measuring spoons and cups. This requires some carpentry work, so I suppose I’ll need to hire my big brother!

photo (13)

I like to have a bin of all the cleaners I use around our house in one spot. I keep extra squirt bottles and a new roll of paper towel handy at all times. All my cleaners are Biokleen, which means they are tough on dirt, but gentle on the Earth and Mr. MVP, Pickle Face and me.


The Mommy Hood teaches us all a very important lesson about juice boxes and the little tabs on the sides: if we teach our little people to pick up their juice by the tabs, no one will be covered in a sticky mess.


The Utility Journal has the perfect article on brewing tea. In fact, I took a photograph of their chart and refer to it all the time.

The Business Insider breaks down tipping for everyone who just isn’t that good at it. This graphic covers everyone and every tipping situation and could probably make even me a tipping pro.

This To That is a simple website that will tell you exactly what kind of glue you need in most any situation. Seriously, if This To That doesn’t have your answer, then you really didn’t need to adhere it in the first place.

Not What You Want To See on NOAA.

Not What You Want To See on NOAA.

Tonight The VP family will probably be sleeping in the basement listening to Moon Pie panting and pacing her way through a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning. My post on the hydrogen breath tests will be coming eventually, but until then my borrowed magical tips are going to have to hold you over.


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