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When it comes to clothing I am super picky. A few years ago on a trip to North Carolina to visit David and Christy I discovered that not only was I wearing way too many t-shirts for a 30ish year old, but my clothes weren’t comfortable. We were in a gift shop in Pittsboro killing time on a rainy day and I was eyeing a t-shirt, while telling myself to grow up at the same time. The t was pricey at $26,  but Mr. MVP talked me into it. It was a locally printed t, made in the USA and it was pretty amazing. I bought it and now Flytrap Clothing t-shirts are the only ones I’ll wear.

The Dino T That Started It All

The Dino T That Started It All

Besides wearing a t-shirt every single day, I also have a collection of short sleeve, cotton, button down shirts from Lands’ End. These shirts are comfortable and lightweight and they are just a smidgen more polished than my dino and bunny t-shirts. I can wear these 100% cotton button down shirts all year long with no problems. Lands’ End button down shirts require ironing, but it is well worth the effort for the breathable, cool, well cut, wearability of these classic shirts on a blazing humid day.

Land’s End Madras

Although I really like wearing shorts in the summer, my temperature fluctuates so dramatically that it’s usually too much of a pain in the ass to bother. We have to keep our house really cold and outside it’s boiling hot, so to compromise I wear Lands’ End Starfish cargo pants. These come in a size 4 and they have both a regular button front waist and an elastic back waist. These pants roll up to become high-water pants and the pockets are actually useful. These pants are 100% cotton so they dry fast, but they don’t need any attention from the iron.

My day to day life is a lot different than most and there are some weeks when I will be stuck in bed for five days straight. This weird part of my life requires a different set of clothing than most people and that is why I have the best sweats in the world. I have tried lots of brands from tons of stores, but by far the most comfortable and durable have been from Lands’ Ends. These sweats are longer than most, but they are also cut in a more feminine way. They have a drawstring waist and they come in extra small, which I love. These sweats are the perfect solution to make that weird part of my life just a little bit more comfortable.

Good days or bad days, Lands’ End fills the gap when I get cold because their Polartec fleece is my favorite thing to wear. Not only does this fleece keep me warm, but it’s light and comfortable. I can wear a fleece over a t and survive an entire day in bed or a trip to the supermarket. It fits my small frame easily and I can shove a fleece in my yarn bag or my gear bag and not have to worry about wrinkles. I have a fleece in every single color including yellow, orange, green, navy, blue, grey, black, and red. Lands’ End is having a sale right now and I’m going to place an order for a purple and a new black because after eight years it’s starting to look a little worn.

Normally I wouldn’t go into detail about what I wear underneath my clothes, but I’ve told you everything else, so I’m going to spill the rest. The port-a-cath in my chest makes it terribly uncomfortable to wear specific clothing, so I started wearing Jockey camisoles because they fit perfectly underneath my port line. They don’t rub and they are comfortable. I wear one every single day. On my feet in the summer I wear my Keens, but on bad days and during the rest of the year I wear socks every single day. In our house we only wear Happy Socks. They are fun, bright and easy, but best of all they are comfortable.

I'm Wearing These Socks Right Now.

I’m Wearing These Socks Right Now.

While I might not be a fashion icon or trend setter in my Bogs, I do wear clothes and shoes that are durable, comfortable and simple. Most, if not all of my wardrobe, would be considered redundant by a lot of people, but for my life it works. I don’t have a schedule and I never know what the next hour is going to bring with it, so it helps to have a little bit of comfort in the clothes that I wear. My ducky t might not be walking down a runway any time soon, but it will be fighting some serious health wars with me and as long as we keep winning, that is all that matters.

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