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When I first started this blog I liked to share the brain teasers that I found around the Internet. One of the main reasons that I write is to keep my brain in peak performance, so I can have faster word recall on good days and moderately normal speaking abilities on bad days. Encouraging my brain to exercise on a regular basis helps it to maintain its svelte figure.

Besides writing about lots of different topics here, I enjoy word puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles and logic games. Most of these games I play on my iPhone at no cost, but I recently discovered there are websites dedicated to helping brains at no charge.

Braingle has over 20,000 puzzles and a community that is free to join. There are hundreds of brainteasers, math questions, optical illusions and puzzles. There are games, trivia and language questions. Once you create an account Braingle will keep track of your progress and scores, so you will know exactly how you’re doing.

Puzzle Monster has a new selection of puzzles and games that rotates daily. They also have trivia, printable puzzles and an online puzzle blog. Puzzle monster is a smaller site, but they do have an interesting feature where you can follow them on Twitter and receive their Puzzle Monster Gazette each day which has links to daily puzzles.

Griddlers is all about logic puzzles with grids. Sudoku, word searches and crossword puzzles are the most popular puzzles on Griddlers and it’s all free of charge. If you register, the site will remember your last puzzle or word played. Griddlers also has a community, which could be fun if you enjoy creating sudoku or crossword puzzles. This community is serious about its puzzles.



Brain Bashers has puzzles, mazes, games, numbers games and brain teasers. Most of these puzzles are inspired by Japanese brain teasers and I’ve found them to be more difficult. Brain Bashers has a free log in feature that I’d advise taking advantage of if you decide to try their games. This will keep track of your scores and help you remember which puzzles you’ve previously completed.

Brain Bashers

Brain Bashers

I can appreciate that all of this writing may seem silly to some people, but I know that it helps me keep my mind in focus. I have better, more accurate word recall and conversations go more smoothly after I’ve been writing. The same goes for these logic, word and number puzzles. When my brain isn’t writing I simply need to keep my mind busy doing something, so I put it through its paces thinking about light switches and salt and pepper until everything clicks and I start over with something new.

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