Dogs With Jobs

Last night my brother sent me this video of Jumpy and his trainer, Omar von Muller:

Dogs are impressive to me because they are unbelievably smart and they will work hard simply to make their human happy. Not all dogs are cut out to jump off the roof of a truck, but their accomplishments are just as fantastic.

Moon Pie Is Really Good At Moving Stuff.

Moon Pie Is Really Good At Holding Stuff.

David and Christy’s dogs at Buck Branch have purpose that help make peoples’ lives easier or more enjoyable. These creatures are truly remarkable animals that do lure coursing, agility training and they can be trained to chase geese from places they don’t belong. On top of everything, not only are these four leggeds well behaved, but they are adorable as well.

He'll Chase A Ball For Hours, But He Helped Me Cook All Week.

Just Look At This Face.

Omar and Jumpy aren’t alone. At We Are Extreme, Omar trains animals for movies and television like Uggie who won an award for the movie The Artist.

Acting aside, dogs can also save lives. Besides the devoted and incredibly important police dogs, there are medical dogs who assist the blind and seizure alert dogs who help epileptics. Dogs can be trained to sniff out explosives, plastics, cigarettes, money, drugs and even cancer. Honestly, I’m not sure what a human cannot teach a dog.

The bond between a human and a dog is awfully crucial. A well loved dog will go to the end of the Earth for its owner and be a positive and happy member of society. There are varying degrees of special, and I happen to know that Buck Branch’s pack is an exceptionally talented and well loved group, but I still think Moon Pie is the best at holding stuff.

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