River Crossing


My logic problem solving skills are not as refined as I might like.  On bad days my logical deftness is not only unrefined, it’s down right appalling. I found the problem Get Everyone Across the River nearly seven years ago, but I come back to it now and again because I’m a sucker for animated puzzles. Either that or I just like helping people across rivers.

This puzzle is written in Chinese, Mandarin or Japanese, so to play click on the link above then click on the large blue circle in the lower right hand corner to start, but be careful to follow these important rules:

  1. The father cannot be left alone with any daughter (without the mother present).
  2. The mother cannot be left alone with any son (without the father present).
  3. The thief cannot be left alone with any family member (without the policeman present).
  4. Only the father, mother, and policeman can operate the boat.

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