Sheep Sheep Sheep

Awkward and clumsy is a kind description of myself. I have no natural human ability to balance and my reflexes are nonexistent. I have been known to topple over while attempting to outmaneuver the bed in the center of our room. In my fantasies I have cat like skills that take me soaring over large mud puddles without getting wet and ninja like reflexes to catch technology before it hits the ground. I like fantasies.

I was not attempting to perfect my cat like ninja skills when I tried Sheep Dash this morning, but I am now. I realize that my ability to click my mouse before the sheep cross the pasture will not make Blue and Frankie less nervous when I walk by them in the middle of the night, but it could come in handy if I ever own a sheep farm.

To play Sheep Dash click on the text link above and use your lightening fast mouse reflexes to tranquilize the sheep before they run to the opposite side of the glen. After 14 tries, I’m a Bobbing Bobcat. Beat that ninjas.

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