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Okay, so about one month ago I told all of you how I mastered the fine art of dishwasher loading and maintenance. This is exciting for me because I talked about Lemi Shine, which changed how Team VP does dishes. It took our dishwasher from being a small built in appliance that wasted hot water and electricity to an actual useful, hard working part of our household. 

Anyhow. Dustin at Team Lemi Shine read my blog – by the way, thanks Dustin! – and asked if he could send me some other products from Lemi Shine and my dishwasher and I agreed. A week later this arrived:

I love mail. In my Lemi Shine mail I received Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner which can be used on dishwashers, garbage disposals and washing machines. I’m going to clean my washing machine because my dishwasher just had a bath.

Inside was, be still my heart, Lemi Shine detergent tablets. Team VP gave up detergent tablets a long time ago when we switched from the Big Name Brand to Biokleen, but it never occurred to me that Lemi Shine made a tablet to use with their original Lemi Shine. Here is what else was in the Lemi Shine package:

Now, as you all know I am super loyal to Biokleen, pretty much to the point of being annoying, but I do love Lemi Shine because I know it’s environmentally friendly and it doesn’t leave any weird smells behind on my dishes. When we used Big Name Brand tablets we could taste the soap and it was not pleasant. The one thing we miss about using the Big Name Brand is the ease of popping a tablet in the dishwasher instead of having to measure out soap with a tablespoon. It’s not a huge deal, but on bad days, trust me, it’s the little things that matter.

I decided to throw the Lemi Shine detergent packs in the Team VP deep end. This is Franks and he has been living at our house for the past month while my Dad is recovering from a spinal fusion. He is exceptionally well behaved, but he drinks and eats like I imagine a drunken pirate would. Franks is messy. Keeping the water and food bowls at our house clean is a challenge and as much as I hate to say it, Biokleen has been struggling. This is what the bowls look like after two days of use:

I put Lemi Shine Rinse in the correct spot and then I put the normal one tablespoon of Lemi Shine Original in the pre-wash container. I took a Lemi Shine tablet and put it in the silverware holder because our dishwasher is very small.

Normally I would be worried about chemical residue on the dogs’ bowls with dishwasher detergent, but I knew I did not have to worry. Thanks Lemi Shine! I ran a regular cycle on our dishwasher and the results were pretty freaking amazing.

There was no weird smell left over and most importantly no hard water film. Now, don’t get me wrong, Biokleen is still my main cleaning love, but Lemi Shine worked a little harder and got the job done. If the cost is affordable we will switch to the packs. I already know when our current supply of Lemi Shine Original is out we are switching to Lemi Shine Original packs. Seriously Lemi Shine, your detergent packs are dishwasher magic.

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