The Cupcake Zoo

Finding a bakery that will make FODMAP free cupcakes is not an easy task. We discovered The Cupcake Zoo about six months ago and we’ve been loyal customers ever since. The Cupcake Zoo is located in Otsego, Michigan, about 20 minutes from Kalamazoo. They have a full menu of regular cupcakes and cookies, but they also have a full vegan and allergy free menu, which is where our FODMAP free cupcakes come in.

This past week for Mr. MVP I ordered special peanut butter cookies. Take a look:

These peanut butter cookies are special because they are free of all the major allergens except peanuts, which Mr. MVP can actually have. FODMAPers know what a pain it is to find cookies that actually taste good, well, The Cupcake Zoo, has some sort of cookie magic because these are really delicious.

Now I also special ordered vegan cupcakes for my Mom’s birthday. These hostess cupcakes are so good the most picky eater won’t even know the difference.

The Cupcake Zoo also has a new menu that is released every Wednesday for their Friday walk-in customers. They accept special orders, which is how I usually order my FODMAP free cupcakes, and Saturday pick up orders. The Cupcake Zoo also does speciality cakes. If you’re in the area you can give them a call at 269-694-1114 or if you need their address it’s 110 North Farmer Street, Otsego, Michigan 49078.

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