To say that I have an online presence would be an understatement. I have this blog, Kazoo Knits, Instagram, and Twitter. I also have Flickr and a few other social media sites, and every single one alerts in Google that Mrs. NVP is online and doing business.

Kazoo Knits

I ran across a site a few days ago that allowed me to see just how big my online presence was and exactly what it would take to delete everything and I was a little shocked. Just Delete Me showed me exactly what I was dealing with and how easy, hard or impossible my varying accounts were going to be to delete.



Most of the accounts I don’t even remember signing up for in the first place which means I’m going to need to spend hours going through 252 websites requesting passwords and usernames – and that is just for the easy and medium accounts. Granted, Just Delete Me has made the whole process a lot easier by bringing all of this strange information together in one place, so I am grateful, but, at the same time, curious if my online identity isn’t just fine with 252 open accounts.

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