Spoiled Rotten

To say that a dog who lives in the VP house is spoiled is putting it mildly. Our best girl Blue, for instance, eats only the best organic kibble, sleeps on the softest beds and has the very best in vet care that comes right to our door. She is brushed every other day, walked every day and is never left alone for longer than four hours at once. Blue even has her own station on Pandora.

Every so often Mr. MVP and I like to really spoil Blue Bird with a Spoiled Rotten Box from Petflow. Today her box arrived I thought I’d share with all of you how fantastic this program is. First of all for $24.99 Petflow sends a box that looks like this:

Beware because your four legged will want to get into it immediately. Blue Magoo has had three other Spoiled Rotten Boxes, so she knows what this is about.

That and she could smell the lamb.

The thing with Blue Bell is that even though she loves treats, she adores her toys, so when she spotted the rabbit, well, here is what happened:

With the tags still on this adorable Robbie the Rabbit, Blue decided she was happy.

Mr. MVP cajoled her back with the secret word t-r-e-a-t.

There was a Zukes Z Bone in the Spoiled Rotten Box, which I love because it’s a dental bone. It’s an all natural bone and it helps clean Blue’s teeth. As a bonus she loves Zukes. As you can see I could barely get it out of the package for her before she took off with both her bone and rabbit.

What I truly like about the Spoiled Rotten Boxes are the full size products. Petflow does a superior job mixing up products that I may never have tried on my own. The Superior Farms dog treats for instance I would not have given a second thought, but Moon Pie LOVES them and they are 100% lamb. These will be a regular in our house from now on. The yumZies we’ve had before and they are fantastic as well. They are smaller treats excellent for a tiny snack. Here is a guide to everything that arrived in the box:

Typically we order a Spoiled Rotten Box for Blue around Christmas time or when we have a special coupon. This Box was because Franks had been at our house for over a month, but had to go home, so Blue Bird has been pouting.

Along with the Spoiled Rotten Boxes, Pet Flow also offers a full selection of all natural treats and dog foods and depending on their sale prices I will order Blue’s kibble from them because of their free shipping. Visit Pet Flow today and order a Spoiled Rotten Box for your already spoiled rotten animal.

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