Moving Forward

I’ve talked about Mr. MVP here enough for all of you to know that he works incredibly hard for Team VP. Mr. MVP drives from Kalamazoo, where we live, to East Lansing, where he works every morning and then back to Kalamazoo every evening to be with me. It’s a lot of driving and he has been doing it for almost five years, and he is exhausted, so Team VP has decided that it’s time to move to East Lansing.

Our house, Fairfield, went on the market a couple days ago and we are hopeful that it will sell quickly in the recovering real estate market that Michigan is currently experiencing. We have an amazing realtor and our home will be a fantastic place for another family to move in and start their lives in our neighborhood.

Eliminating Mr. MVP’s commute will not only give Team VP more family time, but it will restore some of Mr. MVP’s sanity. We are looking forward to our to new adventure in East Lansing. We will miss Fairfield because we’ve spent ten amazing years here, but I know no matter where we land in East Lansing it will feel like home because we are Team VP.

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