Phone Pain

When I am really furiously angry at my iPhone I imagine it is the embodiment of Jerry Lundegaard from Fargo and I am Carol Showalter. In my head we have the following discussion, but instead of Lundegaard being difficult about cars he’s a real jerk about phone calls disappearing:

Right, so my iPhone has not been too happy lately and I blame it on Apple and Verizon both. First of all, I have an iPhone 3, which did not handle the iOS 7 upgrade the way the newer iPhones tolerated it. The problem is, if I purchase a new iPhone Verizon is going to eliminate my unlimited data plan and force our family to begin using a tiered plan, which is something I’m not willing to do.

I’d Also Have To Buy A New Case.

To get by until we decide how to handle my iPhone troubles I did some research and found that my draining battery, missing phone calls, unstable applications, vanishing text messages, and non-function operating system might be easily fixed. Apparently some people have had some luck deleting photographs to increase the usefulness of their iPhones. Hey, I’ll try anything once.

After some research I found The Nomadic Photographer, Jonathan Kingston, who led me through a step by step tutorial on how to batch delete my photographs. Please remember, if you are a photo hoarder like me and load the pictures on your Mac, but don’t delete them, you will want to make a back-up before you erase everything. I put mine on an external hard drive. This process takes approximately forever, or about 45 minutes. Then the deleting jamboree takes another 40 minutes. Over 2,500 photos are gone.

I’ve been using my iPhone for approximately 15 hours since I deleted my photographs and 9 of those I was sleeping, so I haven’t really had a fantastic opportunity to test drive the theory that less is more, but I’m hopeful. Quite frankly, I’m tired of arguing with Jerry, so any improvement, however slight is a gigantic move towards cooperation.


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