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Quite a few years ago, I think more than eight, I discovered the doctors at the Department of Neurology at The University of Michigan Hospitals. These doctors are insanely amazing and together with my doctors in Kalamazoo, they have completely reshaped my life. To put it simply, I love U of M. Yes, yes I do.

My Neurology Office

My Neurology Office

Mr. MVP was having some serious bad luck finding answers in Kalamazoo to his gastrointestinal problems, so I researched University of Michigan’s gastro program and wasn’t surprised to find it was ahead of the game. Seriously, U of M’s gastro research is so amazing the doctors in Kalamazoo have never heard of it. The really seriously stupendous part is that their methods work.

A Clinic Inside The Gastro Office.

A Clinic Inside The Gastro Office.

Ann Arbor is about 90 minutes away from Kalamazoo and now that we’re both on the calendar our trips are more frequent than ever, which means an entire day of traveling, seeing doctors, and more traveling, but we always try to make the best out the situation.

Sleepy Hollow Hat

Sleepy Hollow Hat

I always bring my knitting in the car and we listen to This American Life.

We always stop once on the way there. Ninety minutes is a long time for me to be in a car.

If the timing is right we even pack our lunch and have a picnic.

I always try to snap photographs of interesting things on the ride into the hospital, but taking pictures in a moving car is not as simple as it sounds.


We drive past this piece every time we have an appointment and I wanted to know who was responsible for it. I love Google. The artist is Leonardo Nierman and the piece is called “Flame of Wisdom”. It’s really amazing, as the artist says, “I felt that it would be a great opportunity to pay tribute to the wonderful minds that live in the campus crystallizing so many wonderful dreams that will enrich mankind until the end of time.” That is deep Leonardo.

After our appointments I usually make sure to have an adventure for us. This week I had found a vegan bakery.

I love Ann Arbor.

This photograph I took as we were walking, which I have to say is one thousand times easier. She looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

On the way home I usually break out a different project and Mr. MVP likes to listen to Howard Stern on XM.

When we arrive home this is always waiting for us. It’s good to be back at Fairfield.

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