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Last week was upended when my brain went all squishy and I decided the best method of recovery was taking a few days off from writing. As promised I’ve returned to finish my week of links and today I’m sharing with you, my loyal readers, my favorite blogs.

My very favorite blog, of course, is my own, but I do read other blogs that are very near and dear to my heart. In no particular order, here they are:

The first blog is Seeking Lemnos. This is the amazing and beautifully written blog by my knitting friend Beth about her quest into motherhood. Beth’s blog will absolutely fill your heart with joy and then break it into a million tiny pieces. Click over and read the pure courageous spirit Beth writes and lives with. I’ll wait here.

My next blog is the Hungry, Hungry Hippie. Seriously, when we entered the land of FODMAPs I was lost and Elise saved me. Her practical, no nonsense advice gets to the core of what we all need to know. On her page about the elimination phase there isn’t a bunch of confusing language about percentages, there are actual pictures of real foods and lists that I printed and took to the supermarket. This is a real website for real people. Again, I’ve got time to wait, just click the link.

Another blog I love is from an Instagram friend, Testtube_Kangaroo. Her blog, Kisses Goodnight is about a topic that is incredibly special to Team VP: adoption. This amazing couple has been through a tremendous amount of adversity and yet they keep moving forward to start the family of their dreams through an adoption that will cost them an absurd amount of money. While I queue up my last blogs click over and browse through their story.

This blog is part of what Mr. MVP refers to as my house pornography and it is a magical blog called Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy details everything every homeowner, apartment dweller, or condo owner needs to know. More often than not, Apartment Therapy is absolutely stuffed full of problems I didn’t even know I needed a solution to. If you’re a real estate addict like I am carve out some time in your calendar and click on the link above.

My last blog involves the weather because let’s face it, I’m pretty obsessed with the weather. Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog is the embodiment of a solid weather blog. Dr. Jeff – we’re on a first name basis – will give you a look at weather around the globe, including videos, tips and outlooks. Sometimes this blog can be heavy on the terminology, but I always learn something and typically his explanations are simple enough that even my mushy brain is able to comprehend.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with another set of links, I promise. Until then, enjoy reading these blogs by writers who work incredibly hard to share their world with you.

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