Web-o-rama: Travel

We don’t travel a lot, but when we do we usually make our way down to North Carolina to see David and Christy at Buck Branch. On our way I typically use a group of websites that make new cities seem more familiar because I don’t handle change well. Most of these websites also have apps for the iPhone, but honestly, what website doesn’t have an iPhone app.

GasBuddy is an incredible helpful site when traveling, especially if you drive a diesel VW. I started to use GasBuddy, not to find the cheapest price on fuel, but to simply find a station that actually had diesel fuel. You can also use the website and app to find the best price on every type of gasoline closest to you and report a more accurate price if you find one. The app is free for iPhone users.

We started using Yelp about five years ago and although I went through a couple of rough patches with their customer service, Yelp has seen us through a number of hotel and eating experiences that I’m sure would otherwise have been complete failures. Yelp is community driven and relies on accurate reviews from its members, so a profile is free and encouraged. The app is free for iPhone users.

I stopped driving over seven years ago, so my current ability to tell direction is lacking. My Mom and I often take multiple routes to and from Ann Arbor completely on accident. Neither one of us can read a map. Google Maps is just another fantastic invention to come out of the Google family that I simply cannot live without. Google Maps has the ability to set walking, biking and driving speeds so Mr. MVP and I can take our map with us while walking downtown in Raleigh – because I’m absolutely no help – or driving so my Mom and I can make it home without ending up in Canada. Google Maps has a free app for iPhone users.

Typically when we travel I make hotel reservations ahead of time because I despise uncertainty, but sometimes we need an unexpected hotel, so I turn to Travelocity. This website makes it really simple to find a hotel room extremely fast by sorting and I love to sort. Travelocity narrows down choices by price, star rating and review rating and then you can also pick out the amenities and the location. The app is free for iPhone users.

Gogobot is an all in one website that includes things to do, places to stay, maps, and restaurants. Simply tell Gogobot where you are and it will tell you what is fun to do, how to get there, where to eat, and a great place to stay. You will also find community reviews, questions, lists and discussions. If you aren’t able to find something to do after looking on Gogobot, then you aren’t looking hard enough. There is also a free app for iPhone users.

Traveling can be stressful enough without some particularly amazing technology to lessen the anxiety. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a trip to Buck Branch to start planning.

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