Web-o-rama: Weather

This morning when I checked the weather it looked this:

Not only is this exciting because that is my very own weather station that is reporting those conditions, but there is snow in the forecast. Summer and I don’t get along very well. I’ve told you all about some of my favorite weather websites before, but I’m going to tell you again because who doesn’t love a good weather website?

Weather Underground or Wunderground is the most accurate weather site I’ve found on the internet. Wunderground has maps, radar and forecasts, but they also have travel planners, blogs, climate outlooks, and community driven photo galleries. Wunderground encourages home weather stations and collects data from communities all over to gain a better understanding of the weather. This website also has a free app for the iPhone.

My second favorite weather website is WeatherSpark. WeatherSpark’s interface is clean and simple, but most importantly, the weather is incredibly accurate. If the timeline on WeatherSpark says there is a 85% chance of rain, then most likely, it’s going to rain. WeatherSpark collects its data from NOAA, WWO, and Met.no. There is no app for the iPhone and this website does not work properly on the iPhone.

NOAA or National Weather Service – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a terrific website for severe weather. NOAA is the website all other websites retrieve their information from. NOAA has maps, radar, forecasts, news, and storm predictions. I love that the scientists at NOAA update their maps on a constant basis, so I have up to date information all day long. There is no app for NOAA, but they do have an amazing Twitter feed.

To find the temperature quickly when I’m not at home I use The Fucking Weather. Simply enter your zip code and this website will tell you the exact temperature. It’s an extremely quick process.

These are my absolute favorite weather websites. I check them every single day. I love the weather. Which weather websites make you happy?

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