Web-o-rama: Useful

Last week I started this web round up with my favorite entertaining websites, so I’m ending this with what I think are some incredibly useful websites.

Down for everyone or just me is amazingly simple in concept, but terrifically mind boggling in practice. This site will tell you if the internet is functioning incorrectly just for you or for the entire world. Down For Everyone has saved me many unnecessary hours on hold with tech support to our internet service provider when I discovered the technological difficulties were residing all in my computer.

The GoodGuide is a fast and simple way to find healthy and safe products that are also environmentally friendly. The people at the GoodGuide compare lots and lots of products and rate them in an easy to understand format that allows customers to better understand what exactly they are consuming. I’m not sure how I existed without the GoodGuide.

RunPee is not a website for the snobbish, but they do have an app for the iPhone and Android. This site is a comprehensive list of movies that allows watchers to determine the best time to, you guessed it, visit the restroom. If you are a huge movie theater fan and don’t want to miss any of the action, or need to take your kid to wash their hands during Smurfs 2, then wait until 40 minutes in, and then pick up your daughter and sprint because you have four minutes until the good stuff starts again.

Print Friendly is probably the smartest website on Earth. Besides mine. Seriously. Print Friendly takes any webpage and makes it ready to print by taking away the advertisements, navigation and formatting. Print Friendly is a knitting addict’s dream. Print Friendly will also save web pages for later as a PDF. This is a wonderful webpage and I love it.

We have Amazon Prime, but every so often we run into the dreaded $25 because some items have weight restrictions. This is where Filler Item comes in handy. Simply enter the amount you need to spend to get to $25 in the box and a list will pop up with hundreds of options. The last time I needed a filler item I ended up with a couple bottle of Burt’s Bees Hand Soap I had completely forgotten I needed. Shazaam!

I hope everyone enjoyed my amazing week of favorite webpages.

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