Molly Mutt To The Rescue

A suitable dog bed for Blue Bird has been an ongoing drama in our household. Many of you found my blog the first time because of my review of Bow Wow Beds and then again from my update on their company. Those non-dog people reading this might think I’m borderline insane, but Moon Pie has severe arthritis that is causing her spine to fuse together and a comfortable bed was on the top of my list this past week. Here is what I found.

First of all, I need to tell all of you that I first ordered a bed from Drs. Fosters and Smith because they came highly recommended. I waited until they had a sale because their beds are pricey and then I ordered an orthopedic dog bed that was going to fix all of our problems. The instant I opened the box I knew this bed was not what I ordered. I ordered a four inch thick orthopedic bed that would reduce stress on Blue-Bell’s joints, but what I got was a foam pad that was barely one inch thick:

I sent the whole thing back to the good doctors and continued my search.

Mr. MVP pointed out that Blue’s current beds are filled with orthopedic pillows and foam core are very comfortable, but the beds are just too small. What we need is a way to take her existing bedding and put it in a larger shell. Mr. MVP is a genius.

I remembered reading about Molly Mutt a couple years ago. Now, Molly Mutt was the exact right company for us. The Molly Mutt system is compromised of a mesh stuff sack that holds the bedding material and a fabric duvet that goes over the top. They also sell a waterproof liner. We did not need a liner because we already had one. Here are the super easy directions:

Best of all, the entire bed is washable, which is an absolute must for our house.

Our old bed was a pain to put back together after it came out of the washing machine and I was always having to fix seams that came undone.

The stuff sack has a zipper so our bedding slipped right in with no problems.

Those two little beds fit in the one Huge stuff sack with room left over. It is so lovely to have a Blue sized bed instead of two tiny beds.

The Molly Mutt duvet also has a zipper so all I had to do was slip the stuff sack in and zip it closed. Our other bed involved a lot of tugging and pulling *and cursing*.

The pattern we picked is called Midnight Train.

Here is Blue Bird on her new bed. I purchased our Molly Mutt bed at because they were having a sale and they had a new customer discount. You can also visit Molly Mutt to check out their other beds, duvets and crate covers.

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