Santa Claus Is Not Allowed In Town

A few years ago, on Christmas morning, I excitedly asked my then three year old nephew if Santa had visited him. He turned to me with his shining blue eyes and very plainly stated, “Auntie Cole, Santa is pretend”. My stomach dropped and my heart sank through the floor. I was speechless because I had absolutely no idea that Santa was not allowed. His childlike aura disappeared and suddenly the world seemed very grownup. Not only that, I looked like a liar.

Fast forward through time to today and now telling children Santa is a fairytale is an actual trend. Parents across America have decided that they simply cannot encourage such a gigantic lie like Saint Nick and his reindeer, so Moms and Dads have instead fostered the cold hard facts in their toddlers. The bandaid is ripped right off with what I’m guessing is a formal talk that includes bullet point lists and an entire bah humbug seminar on how to not accidentally spill the beans to a more naive friend at school.

A child’s belief in Kris Kringle brings a Christmas magic to the holiday that without the jolly man and his staff, casts a shadow over the day. Santa Claus is an exercise in wondrous critical thinking for tiny brains. Kids can dream about how the sleigh reaches every child, how reindeer fly and how Santa shimmies up and down each and every chimney. Parents who annihilate Santa Claus for their kids ruin the experience forever. Those are the adults who sit on a throne of lies.

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