Around The World Through A Web Cam

I’ve been trying to tell my brother, David that he should install web cameras at Buck Branch because at any given time he has an entire house full of Border Collie puppies. They are so adorable they will make you think about sparkly rainbows for hours after just seeing a photograph. Web cameras are the new way for people to relate to the outside world without ever leaving their house and it seems everyone who is anyone in the animal world has one. I collected some of my favorite feeds just for all of you.

The Backyard Galah Cam is located near Goulburn New South Wales and it gives all of us a peak at the amazing birds and backyard life in Australia. There have been rumors that not only birds show up on this feed, but also sheep and kangaroos!

Pete’s Pond on Mashatu is my favorite web cam. It is located on the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, Africa and the camera is located over a watering hole where large game like elephant, rhino and lion come for refreshment. The joy of this camera is watching and not knowing what you are going to see or hear as there are microphones in place as well.

Deer Run is one of the most popular live deer cams around. This feed has the best chance of seeing deer early in the morning or at dusk, but apparently the odds are in your if  you are patient. If you like a quiet forest setting, this cam is also the perfect setup for you.

The puppy cam at the Washington Animal Rescue League serves two purposes: massive amounts of cuteness and potential adoptions all with one video feed. I spent twenty minutes watching a black and white puppy play with a stuffed cactus toy.

Did you ever wonder exactly how Santa goes about feeding all of his reindeer or what the reindeer do in their off time? Well, this cam will answer those questions. This live feed is a direct connection to the reindeer and St. Nick.

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