Are You As Smart As A Fifth Grade Math Student?

School was always fairly easy for me. I was able to memorize large chunks of information and then quickly forget what I did not need immediately following my exam. I graduated from college with a 4.0 grade point average. In elementary school, however, I had a horrible time picking up the basics of math and science. My teachers were trained to teach students who learned in very predictable ways, but I was not a normal kid, so I was terrified of math until college.

Me Around The Time My Elementary School Career Started.

Me Around The Time My Elementary School Career Started.

Yesterday I looked up some incredibly basic math problems that all fifth grade students know how to solve and sat down to test my skills. The results were abysmal.

Here are the questions I attempted:

1.  7 + 3 x (4 + 2) ÷ 5 – 4 =

2.  1/3 ÷ 4/8 =

3.  .45 written as a fraction and a percent

4.  7,104 ÷ 74 =

5.  4 7/3 + 8 5/9 =

6.  36 inches = ___ feet = ___ yard = ___ miles

7.  Tara had a great soccer game! After the soccer game the coach awarded Tara 1/8 a bag of licorice to share with her friends. She decided to share the contents of the licorice bag with her teammates Mary and Jessica. How much of the licorice bag will each girl receive?

I will post the answers to the questions tomorrow (Saturday), but if you’d like a little extra credit, try the answers on your own without the help of Google or a calculator and respond in the comments below. For those of you who need as much math tutoring as I do, check out the Kahn Academy and their extensive free library of online fifth grade math tutorials.

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