Buck Branch

On January 8th David sent me a text to let me know that Buck Branch was expecting the arrival of three puppies. This is fairly normal at Buck Branch, so even though my eyes were wide with absolute terror at the thought of one single puppy at my house, Buck Branch was handling ten Border Collies like it was a summer stroll down a country lane. I have no idea how they do it. It’s like an ethereal Border Collie calmness at Buck Branch and those dogs, those amazing animals, just belong there.

This is part of the wide open space where the dogs play. Buck Branch is huge and is comprised of many wooded acres and, of course, a pond.

This is just one of the new puppies. I have been told these guys are just visiting.

Epic just accepts anyone right into the family. Blue-Bird does not like puppies at all. She would have a fit if we brought a puppy home.

Here are another pair of visitors.

The entire Buck Branch pack just opens up and finds room each and every time a new nose appears.

While David holds down the home front Christy trains some of these incredible athletes to compete in flyball. This is Envy in flight!

Buck Branch is a magical place.

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  1. January 17, 2014

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