Hard Baked

Boiling eggs was always a humongous mystery for me. My Mom can boil eggs without referring to Google, which as I write it sounds silly, but the perfectly timed egg, is not an easy accomplishment. At the age of 33 I finally found a straightforward boiled egg recipe, but I still have to pull up directions each and every time I want one. I can never remember how long the egg stays in the water. When I was craving an egg last week I knew there was a less complicated way, so I followed my search results and hit on a winner.

To make these eggs you will need a muffin tin, eggs and an oven.

Turn your oven on and preheat it to 325. This step is ultra important, so don’t cheat and put your eggs in before your oven is hot.

While your oven is preheating, put one egg in each cup in your muffin tin.

After your oven is hot, put your eggs in the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.

While I waited for my eggs to bake I readied my tongs and trivet.

Then I placed a large bowl of extremely cold water in the sink.

After exactly 30 minutes my eggs were looking very speckled, but I was not worried.

Using my tongs I put all of the eggs in the cold water so they would stop baking.

If you have ice, now is the time to add it to the bowl. I simply added more cold water and used my tongs to stir the eggs around. This took about 30 seconds.

I like to take the baked eggs and peel them all so we can store them and then easily have them as a snack.

To peel a baked egg, simply crack the shell around the middle and then on the bottom. There will be a spot on the bottom – or top – where there is room between the egg and the shell. This is where it is easiest to start peeling.

Ideally, half of the shell will come off in one piece.

In a perfect world the other half of the shell will come off in another piece. I promise you this almost never happens. Just peel the eggs the best you can.

Once the eggs are peeled I rinse them off and place them back in the cold water. I do enjoy warm baked eggs, so usually one or two eggs do not make it back into the bowl.

Your egg should be creamy with a golden yellow yolk. There should not be a green or brown line around the yolk. If you do find a line around your yolk this means your egg is overcooked. Simply cut the time down next time by two or three minutes and check one egg.

Baked eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for three to five days in a sealed container. They can be eaten plain or however you like to eat your eggs.

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