Mother Nature is a fickle and forgetful bitch.

An author, Sabrina Jeffries, from North Carolina wrote that and when I heard it on NPR recently I nearly spit my cranberry acai juice across the table. Ms. Jeffries was on to something.

Winter, it seems is plaguing us all. At Fairfield up and down the street we are dealing with growing ice dams and enormous piles of snow.

Seriously, gigantically large piles of snow that will most likely still be here in June.

Oh yes, and we have six to eight more inches expected tomorrow followed by rain on Thursday followed by more snow next weekend.

At Buck Branch, more than 700 miles away where it’s not even supposed to freeze, they had a massive winter storm. Mr. and Mrs. B went sledding – just 40 minutes outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. That is an activity usually reserved for Michiganders.

The dogs of Buck Branch had mixed reactions to the weather.

Of course everyone eventually got in the spirit of the experience and enjoyed the cold and snow.

Now, even though the snowbank outside our front door is taller than I am, it will eventually all disappear. Winter will regulate itself everywhere and Mother Nature will move on to heating things up to 100 degrees. Next week it should be near 70 at Buck Branch, so their snow will be a distant memory. For now, however, we are contending with cold, ice and unending mounds of snow on Fairfield. Fickle bitch is an understatement.

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