Dear Volkswagen

Dear Volkswagen:

On average my husband drives 160 miles back and forth to work each day, so when we knew it was time to invite a new car into our family in March of 2011, I went into full on panic research mode.

Our new car needed to be fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, and it had to have room for Blue-Bird. I also made a point to look at vehicles that only had the highest crash test rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Mr. MVP would practically be living in this car, so I needed it to protect him if something went wrong.

Blue Bird in the VW.

Blue Bird in the VW.

I spent countless hours on the Internet pouring over car statics, forums and blogs because I knew this automobile was going to need to be not just another car, but an integral part of Team VP. This car would need to start, without fail, when it was -25 degrees outside and navigate icy roads across the state of Michigan, while on the inside keeping Mr. MVP nice and cozy. This car would need to happily transport Team VP in 100 degree heat to doctor’s appointments, while keeping us cool. In short our new car needed to be an oasis from the outside world.

During my research the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI repeatedly popped up as a fuel friendly alternative. Eventually I started to pay attention. Then I became obsessed. Soon all other options fell away. On Saturday, May 7, 2011, we went to the Volkswagen dealership and Mr. MVP drove our TDI. We took it home that day. It was love.

The day we purchased the VW we decided between black and blue.

The day we purchased the VW we had to decide between black and blue. The Blue won!

I felt ridiculously confident knowing that Mr. MVP was driving the VW. I had watched the crash tests, read the blog posts and reviewed the safety statics. Mr. MVP was gloriously happy because his VW was comfortable. He had XM radio, heated seats and a clean diesel engine that was giving us nearly 40 miles per gallon of fuel. I was ecstatic because he was surrounded by six air bags, electronic stability control and a safety rating of 10.

US News 2011 VW TDI

US News 2011 VW TDI

Fast forward to this past Friday, March 28, 2014, when Mr. MVP called me on his way home from work to tell me that he had been in a serious car accident. Our favorite VW, was totaled. The thing is, I never intended on using the airbags, crumple zones, or side impact points that I had researched for hours, but I was so incredibly grateful they were there when Mr. MVP actually did need them, because they worked flawlessly. Mr. MVP walked away from the accident with only a scratch.

Not The Text You Want To Get From Your Husband. #vwtdi #ihatethisweek

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Our beloved VW had 109,000 miles on its diesel engine, which means it was just getting started, but the damage to its body was too severe to repair. Our VW did its job. When the outside world got tough, our VW stepped up and absorbed the entire weight of situation like a champ, so Mr. MVP could come home to me and for that I am eternally grateful.

I snapped this before our VW was taken away for good.

I snapped this before our VW was taken away for good.

Today, just four days after the accident, we are going to buy our next VW SportWagen TDI. Mr. MVP is driving a rental car and I just won’t feel comfortable again until he’s back behind the wheel of a Volkswagen.

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