When I first met Mr. MVP he was incredibly interested in photography. I would actively listen and nod my head intently, but eventually my eyes would glaze over with information overload because my brain just cannot handle as many facts on one subject as Mr. MVP’s. Today, however, I find myself trying to cram as much information about photography into my noggin as possible because I want to take pictures just like Mr. MVP does.

Usually, for this blog I use our fancy camera, but I also have an Instagram account where I use my iPhone camera. On Instagram I like to take multiple photos until I have the exact picture I’m looking for and then use editing tools on my phone to smooth any problem areas. I have taken thousands and thousands of photos with my iPhone.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from 2014:

This is Mr. MVP and I waiting in line at the supermarket. We took a series of 10 of 15 photos to get the exact right one. I’m certain other people waiting in line with us thought we were crazy.

Mr. MVP #Shoveled Her A Path That She Refuses To Use. #snow #winter #michigan #dogsofinstagram

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Blue does not enjoy having her photo taken, so I have to turn my iPhone to silent and then quickly take a series of photos with the volume control button as she is walking in the door. Usually one of the 20 to 25 photos turns out.

It's A #Lovely Day At Our #Home Away From Home. #goblue #uofm #professionalpatient

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Going to University of Michigan to see my doctors is just part of our normal schedule, but for some reason I always take a photograph of the University of Michigan Hospitals sign or building. I probably have more than 300 pictures of the same exact sign. Here is one such photograph.

Usually when Mr. MVP and I are out somewhere doing an activity I will take a photograph and put it on my Instagram feed. This picture simply is a place holder for our coffee and Fringe watching. Photos like this take just five to ten seconds and I only add editing if the light is terrible.

#Teamvp Selfie On The Way To #waitwaitdonttellme – Huzzah! #nprjunky #kalamazoo

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Mr. MVP and I were sitting at a red light on our way to see NPR live and I had already bugged him throughout the entire day to take photos. I was seriously excited to see this show, so I wanted photos. We had to take 5 to 10 photos to get this picture right. Mr. MVP usually holds the iPhone when we take photos together because his arms are longer.

It's Peter and Carl in #Carlamazoo! #kalamazoo #waitwaitdonttellme #nprjunky #npr

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This is at the NPR live show of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I would have most likely taken 10 million photographs, but they asked us to put our cameras and phones away. This is Carl and Peter. I was in NPR heaven.

Mr. MVP will sometimes leave me messages before he leaves for work in the morning, so when I wake up there is something interesting going on in our kitchen to photograph. On this morning our countertop was alive. The light in our kitchen is absolutely horrid, so I have to take multiple pictures and then edit, which still never works. I love the photo because I know Mr. MVP left the whole thing there for me.

#TeamVP Waiting At #Statefarm For Something To Happen. #happysocks #dansko #hurryupandwait

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Here are our shoes, which I quickly shot after a very long day of waiting around. I added a filter because the lighting was terrible. I love this photograph because what you cannot see is all the annoying stuff we had to do that day, instead all you see is our happy feet.

#Frog #Boots And #Blooms So It Must Be #Spring!

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There are times when I will download and try new photography software and this photograph was a successful attempt with an app called Moldiv. I wanted to stitch two pictures, one from my front yard and one from my backyard, together, and this app did the job seamlessly. As a bonus, it was amazingly easy to use.

#TeamVP Made #Glutenfree #Pizza For Dinner And It Was Delicious!

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We take a lot of pictures of food in our house because I cook a lot for this blog. This pizza crust recipe, which will be posted next week, was being shot as the light was failing in our kitchen. I took this photo in our dining room with my iPhone, so I left it alone and posted it.

Frankenstein, is my parents’ dog, but he has been living with Team VP for so long while they sell their house that we have started to think of him as our own. He doesn’t mind the camera, and he follows me around during the day, so I have thousands of photos of him. This picture is of him and his new adopted toy. He carries it around all day long and then sleeps with it at night.

Being a FODMAPer I have been learning more about gluten free and vegan baking. I turned my old chocolate chip cookie recipe into a gluten free and vegan cookie recipe and was really surprised when the results turned out delicious. Mr. MVP took the photos on the blog with the fancy camera, but the photo above I took with my iPhone.

Our parents just moved into the neighborhood, so I rode my bicycle across the street to take a photograph of their new house. I shot one picture and decided against a filter. It was a beautiful day, so the light was perfect.

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