Sometimes I Feel Like Dancing

If you are anything like me, then you were not born with a svelte body, amazing rhythm, or moves like Jagger.

My future will not include an invitation to dance at the Academy Awards. Nor is it likely that something like the the moonwalk will originate from or be redefined by me.

That said, I am a sucker for rhythm, music, and dance.

Something magical happens when I hear an amazing new song or see dancers busting their moves. My body wants to jiggle, my arms wave, and toes wiggle.

I am utterly inspired by those who choreograph and perform complex contortions to syncopated beats.

Sadly, my moves are not as smooth or complete.

I can only offer half-baked emulations of Gangnam Style, the Dougie, Cat Daddy, or the Stanky Legg. My repertoire doesn’t even include a decent Cha-Cha or Charleston.

I’ve done my research—there are a ton of amazing moves out there. I even checked out my equipment to confirm I possess a left and right foot. You never know till you check. Right?

Then, I wondered is it the shoes? Survey says: “nope”. Well…unless we’re talking tap-dance.

Excellent dancers do demonstrate a lovely sense of fashion. Though, I think the quality of my dancing finesse has more to do with needing practice and focus than fancy pants.

I do admire how artists, like Nathan Barnatt, are creatively working with what they have to create fun new experiences that mix storytelling, dance, and music into tasty, sharable clips.

Maybe one of these days I will make a crazy-fun dance video for you to enjoy—proudly joining those who are boldly shaking what their momma gave them.

This guest post was written by Michael VanPutten (aka Mr. MVP and member of Team VP).

Read more posts by Michael at Michael also tweets about business, culture, and design via @mvanputt.


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