Everyone Say Hello To Buck Branch!

Spring has been a bizarre series of weather events this year in Michigan. Monday will be 71 degrees and sunny and by Wednesday we will have heavy, wet snow and howling wind with 20 degree temperatures that will require winter coats and mittens. It is Michigan, however, so finding my daffodils buried underneath a pile of snow two weeks ago, did not surprise me at all.

The weather at Buck Branch has been a tad more agreeable thankfully because they now have nine astounding Border Collies under their roof. Even though these furry balls of motion tolerate the snow, my guess is that they prefer the warmth of sun to the cold snow.

A Text Between David and I On March 2nd.

Two weeks prior in the middle of February, Buck Branch was covered in snow, the same as Kalamazoo. They were feeling the full pain of Michigan weather.

Glory Playing In The Snow.

Thankfully, however, the winter lasts only a few days at Buck Branch and by my next text message, I’m receiving videos like this:

If you are counting that is nine drenched and incredibly excited tails who are all listening to Mrs. B like she is the only human alive in the whole Universe. At Buck Branch this is completely normal behavior too.

Lure Coursing.

These pups are constantly animated and are filled with an almost endless drive to chase, play, run and hunt.

At the end of the day, these balls of energy are just like any other mammal, they need to rest.

Envy Resting On The Sofa.

Envy Resting On The Sofa.

Unfortunately, the work is never completed at Buck Branch because anyone who loves a dog knows:

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