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Birthdays Are So Very Important

Birthdays for little boys are as important as firetrucks and dinosaurs; birthday celebrations are crucial. Today on the day of your birth, Big Guy, remember that you are an amazingly brilliant boy. Always know in your great big heart that outside of your immediate ...Read More

Today, Some Joy

There are days when I need a gentle reminder, or a humongous knock upside the head, to whip myself back into reality. As I have not been feeling well the past couple of days, I needed something to snap me back into the present ...Read More

He Shoots, He Scores!

Honestly, I believe that fanatic sports spectators are absurd. They invest precious personal time and money on strangers whom they consider to have magical athletic mojo, when in reality, these players are simply human beings with all the real world problems the rest of ...Read More

I Need A Vacation

Life can truly be unkind and no matter how many inspirational quotes I Google and subsequently copy and paste to my calendar, I simply cannot motivate myself to ignore the negative. Today, I’m in a ridiculous funk. Last night I woke up smack in ...Read More