Easter Egg Tree Tradition

Growing up on Glendale Boulevard my Mama would put Easter eggs on the trees in our front yard. Like all things that happened during my childhood there is photographic evidence that there were two Easter trees at our house. Here is tree one: Tree ...Read More

The Circle of Life

My video today is not for the faint of heart. I have heard it said that sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield, but I suppose in our great big world sometimes you are the praying mantis and sometimes you ...Read More

I Need A Vacation

Life can truly be unkind and no matter how many inspirational quotes I Google and subsequently copy and paste to my calendar, I simply cannot motivate myself to ignore the negative. Today, I’m in a ridiculous funk. Last night I woke up smack in ...Read More


Today I’m sharing my current favorite YouTube video with you. I feel for the kid in this clip, but I also have sympathy for the Mom because I too sneeze very loudly. Mr. MVP has asked that I warn him before I sneeze because ...Read More