Fourth Annual Kalamazoo Marathon

Our house on Fairfield is magically located in the center of an amazing neighborhood which includes the Borgess Health and Fitness Center. We are also positioned so that every single participant in the Kalamazoo Marathon runs directly by our front door. Close your eyes and ...Read More

Birthdays Are So Very Important

Birthdays for little boys are as important as firetrucks and dinosaurs; birthday celebrations are crucial. Today on the day of your birth, Big Guy, remember that you are an amazingly brilliant boy. Always know in your great big heart that outside of your immediate ...Read More

No Small Dogs Allowed

To say that I’m not particularly fond of small dogs would be an understatement. Small dogs yip, they nip, and they jump. I’ve owned a small dog and I am just not a fan. The dogs in our house are 70 pounds and over ...Read More