Word Nirvana

Need a word? Unsure of a definition? Trying to win the ultimate Scrabble championship with a word your spouse has never heard of? Try Visuwords. Sure, dictionary.com is useful but it’s not fun. With Visuwords you get your word spelled correctly, defined, labeled, and graphically extended into fancier words to make you sound smarter. It’s word nirvana.

Try it yourself. Click here, type “happy” into the search box and prepare yourself for a dictionary experience like no other. Notice the interactive pull when you drag a circle around the screen, the simple legend leading you to the perfect synonym and the pop up definition action on every individual word. Words are fun.

I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t visited dictionary.com in over a month, replacing a faithful website is difficult. I almost missed it’s no-nonsense approach, it’s cut and dry suggestions and the two toned blue and white design. Almost.

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