Password DENIED!

Normally I wouldn’t blog about something as serious as passwords and getting hacked, but recently I discovered that my fantastic Mom had stored all of her personal information, including her extra simple passwords, in a notepad document on her “iTouch”*. The ever vigilant and security conscious Michael was on the case and in no time we had Mom using Splash ID, a secure password management program that works on her “iTouch” and her Macbook simultaneously. Michael and I both use Splash ID and it is amazing how easy it is to keep track of web logins  and passwords. The program will also generate secure passwords and can be synced from our iPods to our Macbooks without any cords.

If you think your current passwords are the bees knees click over to How Secure is My Password and they will give you a rough estimate of how long a windows based computer might take to crack your codes. My Splash ID generated password would take 10 million years to break. Very nice. If Splash ID is out of your price range or you just prefer to go it alone, check out these helpful tips for setting the very best passwords.

*For those of you who don’t speak Mom, an “iTouch” is actually an iPod Touch that she is constantly confusing with the non-touch screen of her Macbook Pro.

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