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Our preservative free house is also chemical free which means that cleaning can sometimes be a challenge. Our chemical free switch did not happen in one big swoop, so every so often a chemical packed product will sneak up on me and research mode hits high gear. We said good-bye to Clorox Wipes, Comet and Windex not only because they are seriously bad for the environment, but also because they are incredibly bad for our bodies. The lingering smell of Clorox Wipes alone is just crazy.

Clorox Front

“Keep Out Of Reach Of Children”

Lots of people will tell you that Method is a fantastic green cleaner, but I have had nothing but bad luck with Method. I found I needed to spend way too much money on Method cleaners for every single room and then more money on different areas of those separate rooms. Method was way too complicated and incredibly pricey. Seventh Generation is another green cleaner that eco-friendly bloggers rave about, but after a trial of their laundry detergent left me with a rash from head to toe I knew something hinky was going on.

So what is a better, more livable option? Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner cleans our entire house, top to bottom. One bottle, diluted into multiple BPA squirt bottles is all we need. Biokleen takes care of windows, counters, floors, bathtubs, dusting, the entire house floor to ceiling. We do purchase Biokleen Automatic Dish Powder and separate Biokleen dish soap/hand soap, but one bottle of multi-purpose cleaner that costs around $5.50 will last 4 to 5 months.

"Tough On Dirt, Gentle On The Earth"

“Tough On Dirt, Gentle On The Earth”

Biokleen keeps our home clean and there is absolutely no chemical residue or smell. I can safely use Biokleen throughout our entire house without spending a fortune and I know that it is bio-degradable and non-toxic, which makes it safe for our dog Blue (literally, I can bathe Blue-Bird with the Dishwash Liquid!)

If you think you need Clorox and Windex to keep your house smelling like summer rain, take another look. Read what you’re adding into your household with traditional cleaners and try a greener more Earth friendly option. Biokleen might surprise you.

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